Good Distractions

Posted Thu, 09/08/11

I was able to occupy my mind with a few good distractions today. I didn't realize how much I needed them after last Friday's devastating events.

Haunted DomainsHaunted Domains is a new game from Big Fish via Play First. It's a great combination of Hotel Dash and Gardenscapes. Odd guests come to stay at a creepy hotel, with points being used to reconstruct a rather spooky garden. I just started playing tonight. So far the guest characters include a ghostly rendition of Oliver Hardy who likes to eat and sleep; a tall, thin Dracula who loves wine and reading books (no food, though); and stylish witches with their black cats who like to wander the hotel. The game has been great fun and helps to keep my mind elsewhere.

Ambrosia CookbookPutting on my Shenanchie hat for a minute, I received an advance copy of the cover for the Ambrosia Cookbook from my publisher today. It's simply gorgeous! The cookbook is due from Club Lighthouse Publishing in early October.

Much appreciation and thanks goes to cover designer and editor Terrie Balmer. She did a wonderful job, a thousand times better than my original visual concoction. I'm very happy over the artwork and beautiful presentation. I just can't quit staring at the book cover...

The Ambrosia Cookbook will contain recipes in all categories, along with special dishes for holidays and vegetarians, and easy-to-assemble herb and spice mixes. A collection of homemade recipes for cats and dogs will also be included. [Postscript 09/19/11: Ambrosia Cookbook released by Club Lighthouse Publishing on Monday, 19 September 2011].

On a more somber note, this morning I received e-mail confirmation that Wilbert's custom urn has shipped and should arrive early next week. His brother George and I chose the motif and engraving, which is very fitting:

Wilbert A. Alviso ("Bear")

Born: October 3, 1956

Died: September 2, 2011

Beloved Son & Brother

As soon as it arrives, I plan to take pictures of the urn. It may seem a bit morbid to some people, but I would rather celebrate Wilbert's life and the memories he left us with. He deserves that, and so much more.

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