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Posted Sun, 10/09/11

My favorite online shopping place came out with their autumn catalog last week. Gael Song is full of things I adore. I would like nothing better than to decorate my seaside cottage in Maine with goodies from their various collections. Hey - dreams are free!

However, I have a great deal of faith in myself. I believe my dreams will come to fruition someday. Whether anyone else has faith in me or not is beyond irrelevant at this point in my life.

If one listens to the negative impositions of others and allows them to rule their daily conduct, what's the use of trying to better oneself? If I listened to the verbal poison that quite often surrounds me, I'd never dream of creating a happy living space that doesn't hinge on getting away from the persistent and irrational resentment of others, including so-called family members.

I love darkly gothic design, which is no secret. Pastels and bright colors are not for me. I'd rather have dark paneling and deep reds, blues and blacks as the motif of my living space. Quirky touches, which are unique to each individual, are perhaps my favorite of all.

For instance, wouldn't a cauldron and mouse candleholder be the perfect addition to any coffee table or fireplace mantle?

Cauldron & Mouse candleholder from Gael Song.

What about a Cat Magic Box?

Cat Magic Box from Gael Song.

A Connemara pony box might be a nice touch as well:

Connemara Pony Box from Gael Song.

And what about a black velvet duster to lounge around in?

Velvet Duster from Gael Song.

Haunted DomainsOn another unrelated but equally as frustrating note, I am stuck on Level 48 of the time-management game Haunted Domains. I typically only play the game late at night, just before I go to bed. I begin by telling myself "just a few rounds" but end up playing for well over an hour, often to the detriment of my "rest" time, which I consider important in the scheme of things.

I can't seem to get past the last few levels of the fifty-level game, which of course is driving me crazy. Help or hints, anyone?

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