At Final Rest

Posted Mon, 09/12/11

As mentioned last week, Wilbert's custom urn arrived over the weekend. I took a few pictures of it, but as usual my photography skills leave much to be desired.

Click on the image below to see it's larger size in a new window:

Wilbert's urn. Click on the image to see it's larger size in a new window.

We ordered the urn from a place sight-unseen named Perfect Memorials, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Made from heavy brass and painted a shiny black, the urn is sturdy and striking to look at. Both George and I were impressed by the quality, not to mention the quick turn-around time from order, engraving, and then shipping to receipt. All told, the process only took four days.

It was Wilbert's wish for his urn to be buried with his mother Elva when the time comes. Elva and Wilbert's sister Rita are coming to visit George sometime next year, when she'll retrieve the urn.

George has decided to keep Wilbert's two dogs, Zoey and Rowdy. I'm so glad because the pooches are simply adorable, and reliant on each other. The first few days after Wilbert's death were very confusing for them. In particular, Rowdy seemed lost without his big bear of a "daddy."

Both dogs have adjusted to George's cat, Foxy, who likes to chase poor Rowdy around the house when the mood strikes her.

Zoey is a female Jack Russell terrier, while Rowdy is a male Chihuahua-mix. I took their picture a few days ago:

Wilbert's dogs, Zoey and Rowdy Alviso. Click on the image to see it's larger size in a new window.

Zoey and Rowdy met Rainee only once, a few months ago. It did not go well. Wilbert brought them over to meet Rainee, but we had to separate them almost at once because they were instantly hostile to each other. Rainee and Zoey, the two females, snarled and barked through the fence while Rowdy stood a safe distance behind. I suppose the two girls were a bit jealous of Wilbert's attention, which was only natural.

I'm relieved Zoey and Rowdy are assured of a continued safe home with George, where they can stay together.

Wilbert would be very happy about that.

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