Good Thursday Tube

Posted Fri, 06/04/10

I'm not one to typically rave about one night of television viewing, but last Thursday evening was exceptional for a change.

The "mystery" story descriptions come from PBS:

Midsomer Murders (Written in Blood, Part 1): The morning after a meeting of the Writers' Circle of Midsomer Worthy, Gerald Hadleigh is found dead. Other members of the Circle include Sue Clapper and school drama teacher husband Brian; Laura Hutton, who is rumored to have been Gerald's lover and sisters-in-law Amy and snobbish family historian Honoria Lyddiard. At the meeting, the guest speaker had been famous author Max Jennings, an acquaintance of Gerald's who said he was afraid of meeting him again.

Inspector Morse (Service of All The Dead, Part 2): Morse investigates five ruthless, gruesome killings in and around a quiet country church with the help of the church cleaner, to whom he becomes attracted.

Following the "mysteries," I enjoyed the half-hour British sitcoms After You've Gone and To The Manor Born, both of which appear on the local PBS station.

I handwrote the entire time the shows were broadcast, managing to churn out more than thirty pages for Mind Sweeper. By the time Royal Pains came on (11 pm), I was ready for bed, though. I think I fell asleep just after the show was over, but I did get to see Henry Winkler (re: Fonzie) make his debut.

My weekend plans including nothing more than writing for Mind Sweeper, so I should have a new Word Count by Sunday.

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