Word Tabs II

Posted Sun, 05/30/10

Below are my "word" stats from writing sessions last week, up to late this morning:

  • 05/24/10: 928

  • 05/25/10: 2,508

  • 05/26/10: 2,682

  • 05/27/10: 1,828

  • 05/28/10: 2,903

  • 05/29/10: 3,211

  • 05/30/10: 1,632

All of the above was completed for Mind Sweeper. I have about six more major scenes to write with a few tweaks, and the story will be essentially finished. I always get excited near the end of a fiction work, and this time is no different.

I began writing Mind Sweeper in August 2007, shortly before leaving Washington. Between Foofer passing away and my own medical issues, it took me awhile to get back into the swing of the story and settle into writing it again. Now that it's near the end, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. It turned out to be more of a thriller/mystery than I first intended, but I'm very happy with the results as the final stretch approaches.

Next up is the completion of Collective Obsessions, hopefully before the summer is over.

*POSTSCRIPT 2012: Click here to view Word Counts (archived and current).

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