Self-Inflicted Workload

Posted Sat, 05/25/13

I must be out of my ever-loving mind...

About a week ago, I mentioned my intent to finish three projects by the end of the year:

I'm currently writing two books (Bloodlust & Glinhaven) and an article about Jewish food and culture, all of which I want to complete before the end of the year. I don't have time to be sick or miserable, so I'll be using lots of ice and cold washcloths to get through the summer.

Between then and now, I added two more projects to my roster which are related to the Culinary Collection. No one is breathing down my neck. The schedule is purely self-inflicted. The two "extras" are about Middle Eastern cuisine (specifically Arabic), and a collection of sea-faring bits. I didn't pre-plan the additional work. The ideas came to me suddenly last week, and I dumbly went along with them.

I also spent time designing book covers for the culinary projects, which are not scheduled for release in any particular order as of yet.

Food Fare Culinary Collection: Arabic Cookery    Food Fare Culinary Collection: Jewish Cuisine    Food Fare Culinary Collection: The Pirates Table

I'm well aware of Islamic–Jewish tensions, but neither book has anything to do with the other. Specifically, the books are about culinary history and traditions, not political or religious strife. The pirate bit is just for fun.

And so the long, hot summer begins...although I'm not guaranteeing the completion of anything at the moment.

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