Bloodline Trilogy (writing as Deidre Dalton)

Book Two: Bloodlust

Noel and Pim's daughter Kate Grady has unusual powers which allow her to bend people to her will. At first she uses her gifts wisely, but then goes astray after falling in love with the diabolical Kirk Lester, whom she follows down an ugly path of debauchery and evil...


"Bloodlust" by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre Dalton. COMING SOON!

The Bloodline Trilogy continues with Book #2, Bloodlust. The novel is scheduled for release in 2017.

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Bloodlust is scheduled for release in 2017.

Please Note: Storyline, estimated release date and book cover art may be subject to change.

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Deidre Dalton

Deborah O'Toole writes using the pseudonym Deidre Dalton.

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