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Posted Tue, 05/20/08

My publisher has seen fit to rearrange their web site without notification (re: Tyborne Hill). They have removed all excerpts, therefore rendering my own links useless, so I decided to provide my own excerpts from Passion Forsaken (first book in the Collective Obsessions Saga).

I wish in all honesty I could change the title, but I am contractually bound to use it. The title and the book cover really have nothing to do with the premise of the story, and both are rather deceptively presented as a torrid romance novel – which the book is not. I cannot imagine anything worse. It is the beginning of a somewhat twisted family saga that has nothing to do with happy endings or white-picket fences.

Actually, being able to provide my own excerpts is a blessing in disguise. Now I can put forth the real essence of the story instead of a few romantic blurbs that make the story seem fluffy and ineffectual. I simply don't write that way.

I've also added excerpts from Foofer, the Pooka & St. Patrick.

Tags: Collective Obsessions Saga; Short Tales Collection

POSTSCRIPT: "Passion Forsaken" was first released by Tyborne Hill Publishers in April 2003. The second edition of "Passion Forsaken" was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing in February 2011 with a different cover design. "Passion Forsaken" was rereleased as The Advent in February 2014. For more about the evolution of "Passion Forsaken" book covers, click here.