Kids Day

Posted Mon, 03/31/08

It's Rainee and Kiki's birthday today, as it would have been Foofer's too.

Rainee is four years old. She originally caught my eye at the Spokane Humane Society in 2004 because she shared a birthday with Foofer, but her cuteness soon won me over and beyond.

Kiki is only two years old. When I found her in October 2006 the veterinarian guesstimated her age to be around seven months, so I decided to give her the same birthday as Foofer and Rainee.

They are both receiving treats today, more spoiled rotten than usual. Rainee got a ride in the car wearing her red sweater (it snowed here this morning). I've also given her some belly rubs (one of her favorite things), with lots of hugs and kisses. Rainee thrives on attention, so she is certainly enjoying the day.

Kiki is gorging on her favorite food (Meow Mix's Market Select with Real Beef in Gravy), although she is not getting much in the way of affection because she is in one of her evil and "pissy" moods.

Foofer would have been eleven years old today if he had lived. I've been thinking about him quite a bit, looking at his pictures and just remembering his sweetness. I still can't look at his movies, though, or his ashes.

Happy Birthday to my babies.

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