Feline Sunday

Posted Sun, 10/01/06

Early this morning Wilbert took the dogs to the store for the ride, and after they left I could hear the pitiful cries of a kitten. I stood on the front porch but couldn't see anything. I started calling out "here kitty, kitty" and then walked toward the sound of the howls.

The duplex next door has an open-fenced playground of sorts, with a gravel floor. As I came closer, I could tell the meowing was coming from the playground. I was in my stocking-feet, so I stepped gingerly on the gravel until I found the source of the caterwauling.

Someone had taken a kitten and placed it under an upside-down laundry basket, pushing in the edges so that they sunk into the gravel. The poor kitten was trapped, and obviously miserable. I pulled up the laundry basket and carried the kitten back to my house. She seemed healthy enough, if not a little stressed and tired.

I am furious at the blatant abuse of an animal; if I knew who the cat belonged to I would try to find out what really happened. I have no idea who the owner is. The people living in the duplex already have a cat, a black and white male named Oreo, but I have never seen the new little feline before today.

Kipper-Yipper in the house (10/01/06). Click on picture to see larger size in a new window.

The dogs were none-too thrilled with a cat in the house, but they grew calmer as the morning progressed. I went to the store after Wilbert got back and picked up a bag of kitten chow, kitty litter and a litter box (actually a large Tupperware container). I now have her set up in the computer room with water, food and the litter box, as well as a large dog pillow that has never interested Foofer or Rainee. The kitten is not partial to the pillow, either, and as I write she is curled up in the walk-in closet in the computer room. She probably feels safe there.

Wilbert and I are not really in the market for a new pet. We've discussed calling SpokAnimal to see if they will take the kitten tomorrow, but we have already given her a few names. I started calling her Kipper-Yipper, and Wilbert has dubbed her "Starshine." She has beautiful colors – white, light brown and gray – with blue eyes and a "raccoon" tail. I think she may have some Siamese in her, but I'm not sure.

Is anyone missing a kitty in the Spokane area?

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