Looming Year

Posted Fri, 12/07/07

Whenever a new year looms on the horizon, I tend to get the urge to create a new blog or web site layout to ring it in. Call me odd, but to me that's having a good time. Most folks run out and get drunk to bring in the New Year – and I still may yet – but at least I got the designing itch out of my system.

Perhaps my yen to create a new layout stems not only from "ringing in the new" but a desire to get rid of old "baggage" in a permanent way - and I'm not just talking about online journals, folks.

Right now I'm in a happy place in my life, mentally. I'm finally free of the appalling constraints of marriage (only in-the-presence sense although not legally as of yet), and Foofer's health is holding, thank God. In fact Foofer seemed to get better when I quartered his medications recently. Instead of getting two capsules per day, I started him on one-half of one capsule per day last Monday. He has an incredible energy, stamina and a natural resilience he didn't have before. He continues to amaze me every single day. I knock on wood every time I think or say this out loud as I don't want to jinx the present circumstances.

I write every day (between Mind Sweeper and Collective Obsessions). Some days I scribble aplenty, other days I can only manage a few pages. My mantra has always been to write every day no matter what personal crisis rears its ugly head or what happy event occurs. The important thing to me – my creative priority – is to keep the writing juices flowing, no matter what.

I'm onto reading Sticks & Scones in the Culinary Mystery series. If I may make one observation without boring all of you to tears: Diane Mott Davidson's writing seems to get better with each progressive book. I'm reading them by the year they were published, from oldest to newest, and there is a marked improvement in her writing style as well as obvious control of the storyline as the books get newer. I am enjoying the reads immensely and highly recommend them to mystery buffs that also happen to like food.

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