Joys of Copy & Paste

Posted Tue, 10/30/07

Monday I plowed through Mind Sweeper for several hours. I suppose "plowed" through the story isn't the right metaphor, but when one writes fresh material, rearranges existing text or changes a few characters names and "plot plans," I'm not sure what else the process can be named.

Thankfully there is "Copy and Paste." I would be lost without it. Not only does it save tremendous amounts of time, it also allows the author of a document to rearrange their text at will – little bits here, little bits there. I had to move an entire section from the middle of the story to present it as Chapter Two, which better suits the storyline. It was done in a flash – thanks to "Copy and Paste."

Writing fiction comes from the imagination so it shouldn't matter what tools one has to work with, but I am so very glad I have my computer rather than ink and quill.

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