Fruitful Days

Posted Sun, 10/14/07

Last weekend was very productive for me. I managed to get a large amount of writing done on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening, most of which I did by hand but then later input into it's proper place, re: Mind Sweeper.

Some stories are a great challenge to write (Collective Obsessions for sheer length and In the Shadow of the King for accurate research), while others – such as Mind Sweeper – have proven to be a delight to construct and then put to the page.

Simplicity is often best, even after all of the complex and long-winded pieces I have written. It's a nice change to breeze through dialogue and scenes instead of having to stop and wonder: "Would Henry VIII speak that way?" or "How do I connect characters in the familial sense and yet remain consistent in the overall hundred-year sequence?"

One would have to know the stories to which I'm referring and to my methods of writing to completely understand what the previous paragraph of babble represents.

In other words, I had a very satisfying writing-weekend.

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