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Posted Tue, 10/06/15

A few interesting bits about books, via Shelf Awareness:

  • Books on the L: Chicago Ideas Week (10/12-18/15) is encouraging people to read more books on the train with a program called Books on the L, which places books on the CTA trains for commuters. Noting that the books "are not designed to be kept," Chicagoist reported the "hope is that people will see a book they're into, grab it, read it and then put it back on the train for someone else whenever they finish with it." More >

  • Book-Bar to Open Book-Bed B&B: Book-Bar in Denver will open Book-Bed, a book-themed bed and breakfast that "will serve as a lodging for book lovers, authors and writers" visiting the area (via Bookselling This Week).

  • 11 Unusual Bookstores You Can Visit (via Mental Floss): Albertine Books (Manhattan), Book Barge (Staffordshire, England), La Caverne Aux Livres (Auvers-Sur-Oise, France), Saraiva Bookstore (Rio de Janeiro), and the Spotty Dog Books & Ale (Hudson, New York). More >

  • Foyles Opens New Format Store in Birmingham: The new Foyles bookstore in Birmingham, England, featuring "audio-visual author pods reading stories to customers" and booksellers using iPads, opened in September 2015. At the "author pods" and a children's "story pod," customers will be able to see and hear authors read their works aloud.

  • Page-Turning Facts About Barnes & Noble (via Mental Floss): they started with school books, they were one of the first stores to pipe in muzak. they got online long before Amazon, and they were the first bookstore to advertise on television. More >

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things after my recent illness, which includes reading my e-mail pertinent to the book business.

Speaking of books, I hope to finish writing two novels before spring next year. Glinhaven is about 3/4 complete, while I'm about five chapters into Bloodlust.

Now that I feel better, I want to kick into gear and get some work done!

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