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Posted Fri, 10/05/07

My favorite time of day is very early in the morning, when I let the dogs out for their first romp since the night before. It's usually around five o'clock, about an hour before the sun comes up. Foofer and Rainee go about their business while I sit on the deck sipping my first cup of coffee. It is typically quiet, still dark, and perhaps the most peaceful part of my long work day.

There are a lot of older trees in the backyard, full and sweeping in their scope. I love it when the wind comes up, especially as it rushes through the large pine tree at the very end of the yard. I know where the phrase "whispering pines" comes from because I hear it every morning as the branches rustle and create the wonderfully soothing sounds for which they were so aptly named.

Because of the goings-on in my life the last several months, I haven't properly updated my web site for some time. Last night I finally put the finishing touches on the new design, wrote the autumn newsletter and uploaded the fresh pages.

This new burst of creativity has also flowed into my writing. Since last August I have been working on a new story tentatively titled Mind Sweeper. This is the first time I've mentioned the new book as I still have many other irons in the fire, but since Mind Sweeper is not intended to be an overly long story I hope to be finished with it by the end of the year or by the beginning of next.

This, along with my other projects, keeps me hopping every single moment. There aren't enough hours in the day, of course, to tend to my work and my three "kids." There are times I become so involved that I glance in surprise at Foofer and Rainee when they come into the room, looks of desperation on their faces. They want food or a trip outside, so I shut down the computer and take care of the important issues at hand.

With that, it's off to work I go.

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