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Posted Sun, 09/14/08

My original intention was to provide one more "living" adventure in the Short Tales Collection, but after Foofer died I could not concentrate on the effort. It hurts too much to write about him in the living sense when he is no longer here beside me. The particular story (titled Foofer & the No-Fly Zone) was already half-written, but I can't bring myself to finish it.

Instead, I've compiled a "journal" of sorts to feature Foofer's last months of life. It's not something undertaken lightly, but perhaps it will help someone else who loses a beloved pet.

I was driven beyond comprehension to complete the "journal" yesterday. I took notes and images and whipped out the "tale" in roughly sixteen hours. I have a working title for the final bit, but I'm not comfortable broadcasting it just yet. It may be some time before I decide to release the journal in e-book format. (Author's Postscript: The above-mentioned book was finally released as The Journey to Rainbow Bridge in May 2011).

See what I mean about going where the writing drive takes you? The inner path is not easily explainable, even when considering the other work I have to do. To that end, I have a propensity to capitulate and go with the flow. The intuition and sometimes twisted logic has yet to fail me.

It probably goes without saying that writing the "final bit" yesterday tore me up and inside out. It was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, but I feel as if I released long-bottled emotions in the process.

Still, I cannot look at Foofer's movies or his precious ashes. The idea of attempting either brings tears to my eyes and renders me emotionally useless.

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