Night Writing

Posted Fri, 08/10/12

I spend almost every day - all day - on the computer. This includes writing, web design and various other projects. I rarely use the computer for fun, unless it's to play games in the form of a break. If I forget to wear my reading glasses, I often end the workday with a headache (complete with jagged, lightning-bolt eyeball spasms) after I shutdown. By evening time, I'm thoroughly fed-up with my computer screen. I just want to get away from it for awhile.

Enter night-writing. I still enjoy writing by hand, finding it a rare form of relaxation. Admittedly, I'm set in my ways in regards to the way I write by hand: black ink pen (medium, round point) and only on a quadrille pad. I never use red and blue ink pens or, God forbid, pencils. And when I'm finished inputting my handwritten notes into the computer, I draw a line through the page.

Handwriting by night...

However, sometimes I'm forced to compromise. The other day, I spent a few hours in the kitchen as I cooked my mother's birthday dinner. In between all the chopping, stirring and stuffing, I felt the urge to write for Bloodlust so I grabbed the nearest available tools: a crappy blue ink pen and several sheets of wide-lined school notebook paper. Phooey!

Organized writing...

If possible, I keep my notes and pertinent research material for current writing in a red folder (see above), which has different compartments. Every time I finish writing a book, I store all the related items in a "bubble" manila envelope (Jiffylite #7, 14.25" x 20").

I'm a true Virgo when it comes to certain aspects of my life - obsession with organization being at the top of the list - while other ascribed characteristics are not even in the realm of my personality.

My little writing peculiarities might seem strange, but they work for me.

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