Leap into Writing

Posted Thu, 08/02/12

Because of my various web projects of late, my writing for the month of July fell off drastically. It's not a happy state of affairs for me, so I hope to remedy the situation throughout August if not the rest of the year.

My goal is to finish Bloodlust before Christmas, keeping with the tentative release date of January 2013. In between now and then, The Keeper's Journal (book five in the Collective Obsessions Saga) is also scheduled for release by Club Lighthouse Publishing.

The Keeper's Journal is the lengthiest book in the Collective Obsessions Saga (re: Holidaze Battleship, 01/04/11). It has been fine-tuned by yours truly and my editor, so it's basically ready to go. However, since I'm not the only author in my publisher's stable I have to wait my turn just like everyone else. I'm looking forward to the book's release, hopefully before Thanksgiving. Once The Keeper's Journal is finally out and about, it leaves only three more titles in the saga to go. Gulp!

But for now, I'm going to try and ignore all social media for the next little bit so I can get back into the rhythm of writing (re: Bloodlust).

Wish me luck...

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