Blog Overhaul

Posted Thu, 07/26/12

About six months ago, I began the process of doing a modest "overhaul" on my blog, re; here. I didn't consider the task pressing, and only worked on it sporadically. However, the more I pecked away the more I added little features here and there. Before I knew it, I was near the end of the "overhaul" so I accelerated the finish.

Some of the new features include a Blogmap (aka sitemap), a search function and a guide to the new blog tags. I also added archives reaching back to 2006, more for my benefit than anyone else's. Pulling it all together brought back many great memories. When it was all said and one, file size of the modified Irish Eyes was 52.7 MB with 722 pages as of today.

Needless to say, I've fallen behind on my writing goals for the month. It was originally my intention to make a huge dent in Bloodlust (book two in the Bloodline Trilogy), but other things kept getting in the way. Or perhaps I needed the break after seven months straight of 12-14 hour days of writing...

Surprisingly, I feel quite well-rested.

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