Calmly Driven

Posted Wed, 07/23/08

Writing and editing went well yesterday, although I devoted more quality rather than quantity to Mind Sweeper. I used to become frustrated if I didn't clear twenty or more pages per day, but over the years I have realized it's better to take the time to get it right than rushing through the important task of finalizing a manuscript.

Twenty or more pages may not sound like much to someone who does not write fiction, but it is a great deal of work. A few years ago twenty or more pages of new material would take me up to nine hours, while editing the same amount often goes much faster.

However, nowadays I don't fret so much. Perhaps this is a result of growing older, and realizing that every day is not "do or die." I'm still of the mind of barring consistently negative people from my social sphere (and in fact abruptly drop those who have nothing but ill to say). I will do everything in my own time and still keep deadlines, but without the self-driven stress of yesteryear. The physical and mental side effects just aren't worth it.

Now that I recognize how far to push myself in a healthy fashion, I seem to have acquired more patience in how I go about achieving my goals. It's honestly very good, and my only regret is the length of time it has taken me to understand it.

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