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Posted Wed, 07/02/08

From my web site update yesterday morning:

Because of the medical interruptions, I don't feel particularly accomplished as summer sets in. I took my quadrille pad to the hospital with every intention of scribbling, but I never did so. I'm not sure if this was because of the medications I was receiving, or if I was just exhausted by the process of it all.

Inspiration is an individual phenomenon. We are all inspired by different people, events and thoughts. I'm rarely motivated by people per say, but certain events, thoughts, dreams and visuals keep my writing juices flowing on a regular basis. However, the hospital was not conducive to creativity on my part. Interruptions every two hours, lack of privacy and the constant stream of chatter by other patients took away my normal focus and essentially rendered me a comfortably numb.

Many writers are inspired by various people and their actions. Perhaps because I'm a loner in the extreme sense of the word I rarely take a shine to an individual as a fount of inspiration. People don't interest me as much as fictional thoughts inspired by events, whereby "humans" involved in a plot unfold from the imagination rather than the mortal array in front of me.

Speaking of medical interruptions, I am still having trouble with the surgery incision. It's a royal pain, but I'm trying to work through it with a positive attitude (which is sometimes difficult considering the length of time between now and the initial surgery).

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