First Draft Finish Line

Posted Thu, 06/10/10

I finished Mind Sweeper this afternoon. My relief is great, but now the editing work begins. Any simple inconsistencies can be easily fixed since I keep a spreadsheet of character traits and locations, but glaring omissions or misstatements are another matter. In other words, I'll be doing a lot of reading and scribbling in the margins over the weekend.

My word count this week:

  • 06/10/10: 3,182

  • 06/09/10: 3,233

  • 06/08/10: 1,506

  • 06/07/10: 1,615

At this point, Mind Sweeper has a total of 70,085 words not including the cover sheet and table of contents. It's not overlong when compared to Celtic Remnants, which has a word count of 213,242.

Nonetheless, I'm very happy with the results of Mind Sweeper.

*POSTSCRIPT 2012: Click here to view Word Counts (archived and current).

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