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Posted Thu, 06/07/12

"Editing" is a loose term for a multi-faceted process. It is one of my least favorite parts of writing. For a reader, it can be likened to perusing the same book over and over again. One might like the story, yet it's not natural to re-read the same thing repeatedly in a relatively short amount of time. It then becomes the task of catching errors rather than reading for pure enjoyment.

My first read-through of Bloodfrost was a long haul. I found changes that needed to be made on nearly every page, some mere typos while others were related to story structure. Editing is as much about fixing the simple as well as the complicated.

I'm currently editing the third - and hopefully final - draft of the book. One of the things I did differently while writing Bloodfrost was to edit content as I went along, instead of my usual practice of reading the whole ball of wax after completion. Having now done it both ways, I can honestly say each method works for me. As Bloodfrost is only 140 pages, it was much easier than it was for Celtic Remnants (which was just over 400 pages).

I'm still shooting for a June 12th release date for Bloodfrost.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

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