Saturday Mash

Posted Sat, 05/16/09

Yikes! Where have the last twelve days disappeared to?

I found another "hip" doctor and have an appointment for consultation scheduled the first week in June. This particular orthopedic surgeon also worked on my aunt and uncle in the past with great success, so I'm hoping for the best. We shall see.

I'm far beyond the halfway point in Mind Sweeper, so hopefully I can keep my self-imposed deadline of a late summer finish. I rewrote part of the beginning, so that sidetracked me a bit. This time around I even have a firm inkling of how I want the story to end, which is unusual for me in mid-write. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And just before I go to bed in the wee hours, I play a few minutes of Madame Fate.

Tags: Games; Mind Sweeper