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Posted Mon, 05/10/10

I've been keeping track of my writing word counts for the past week, inspired by the 1,000 Words a Day Challenge.

1,000 Words a Day Challenge

My "word" stats from writing sessions last week:

  • 05/03/10: 1,241

  • 05/04/10: 2,184

  • 05/05/10: 1,921

  • 05/06/10: 3,075

  • 05/07/10: 2,123

  • 05/08/10: 3,846

  • 05/09/10: 2,331

All of the above was done for Collective Obsessions. I'm just about finished with part four of the story (Enthrallment). I've already completed parts one through three (Passion Forsaken, Quixotic Crossings and The Twain Shall Meet), part five (The Keeper's Journal), and part seven (The Twilight). Now all that's left are parts six (Heart's Desires) and eight (Megan's Legacy).

This is the closest I've come to finally getting near the end of my mammoth and somewhat Gothic anthology. It's only been twenty six years in the making, so my excitement shouldn't be too unexpected.

This week I plan to peck away at Mind Sweeper. I have a few dozen handwritten pages to input, so I should be able to keep up with the 1,000 Words a Day Challenge with no trouble. It's really quite fun, and surprisingly motivational.

*POSTSCRIPT 2012: Click here to view Word Counts (archived and current).

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