In the Swing

Posted Sat, 05/03/08

Since I've been feeling much better the last few days, I've been able to get some writing done again - finally. During the time I was sick, I had no interest in the computer much less writing and clacking away on the keyboard.

While I was down ill, my main concern was the welfare of Rainee and Kiki, and of getting my writing back on schedule. That meant getting healthy as quickly as possible so I could take care of all three. Even though I have another more-serious surgery coming up, I feel optimistic and confident, and I'm happily amongst my writing again.

I was glad to discover that I could take up where I left off three weeks ago without much trouble, and the current beneficiary is Mind Sweeper.

I'm never happier than when I'm writing, so at the moment one could say I am blissfully content and in my element. It's about bloody time.

I also have a slew of web work to catch up on, so reality peeks in every now and then. Good thing I enjoy web design

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