Excerpts Online

Posted Mon, 02/14/11

A selection of book excerpts are now available on my web site:

It's difficult selecting excerpts. A strong, dramatic passage can give too much away, and another might not reveal enough for the reader to get the gist of the story. It also depends if the "genre" is interesting to the person reading samples in the first place.

It also opens the author to criticism, which is par for the course. Most critiques are fair and objective, but I know there are certain people who inevitably hate a particular author's work sight unseen for unfathomable reasons. It's part of human nature, albeit an ugly one.

I've been at the keyboard most of the day and night, mainly writing new material for Megan's Legacy. I'm dead tired, so it's off to bed where I'll try to keep my eyes open for an episode of Ellery Queen.

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