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Posted Thu, 01/25/07

I have been ready for the men in white coats as I weed out more scenes and characters in Collective Obsessions. I decided a few months ago to rearrange the "early" years, eliminating some unnecessary characters but adding several new elements. Getting rid of some of the characters also means major rewrites, which is ongoing. Aarrgghh

There are times I become daunted by the size of Collective Obsessions, as I've said before, but because I know the characters and the story so well I never lose faith. The process is still very long, however. There are days I feel as if I'm getting absolutely nowhere, but then there are others that move quickly to boost my confidence.

I'm also pecking away at another installment in the Foofer series, tentatively titled Foofer & the No-Fly Zone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a spring finish, or perhaps early summer.

Aside from writing, my days are spent tending to the "kids," the house and the financial portfolio. For someone who has literally hated math for a lifetime, I find it ironic that I am now in complete charge of the family books. Thank God for Microsoft Money, Turbo Tax and calculators, or I would be utterly lost.

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