Forward Overdrive

Posted Sat, 01/02/10

Now that the holidays are over, perhaps life can get back to normal.

On New Year's Eve I uploaded some new work to the various web sites I'm involved with, including a redux of Greek food and culture, recipes for dogs, and a PDF version of my article about Jack the Ripper.

Since I'm scheduled for hip surgery on February 4th, I want to complete Mind Sweeper beforehand.

Impending surgery always puts me into overdrive, probably because in the back of my mind I'm assuming I might not make it out alive. Medical procedures and anesthesia are never guaranteed and somewhat dicey, so I'm determined to finish the story.

Mind Sweeper is a gothic ghost story of sorts, so I'm looking forward to the work. However, other than editing, writing has never seemed like work to me. It's too much fun.

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