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Posted Tue, 11/04/08

I held my breath when John McCain started pulling in the Southern votes earlier in the night, but it was hardly surprising (as I noted in my blog entry titled Seeing Red). Then as the evening wore on and Obama picked up major states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio I began to breathe easier.

Now it's all said and done, and Obama will be our next President. I have to admit I started to cry when CNN announced Obama had surpassed more than 270 electoral votes and was declared President-elect. Kiki heard me and came to sit in front of my face, licking my nose and meowing at me with questions in her eyes.

Barack Obama is President!

I sniffled even more when I heard John McCain's concession speech. Despite the ugliness of the campaign, Senator McCain was a class act in the end. I never disliked him, but always felt Obama was the better candidate as far as the issues were concerned. However, I reiterate, John McCain is an honorable man and he deserves respect.

Another sob-fest came with Obama's speech tonight. The man has every intention of leading the American people into better lives, of creating a non-partisan government, and of reassembling America into the nation it once was. As he indicated in so many words, his election is our victory as a nation, not his alone as a candidate. He always said his campaign was not about him, but about the American people.

To the sour pusses at Fixed News (aka Fox Noise), to the robotic and pompous right-wing pundits, and to the bigots in the world: crawl back under your slimy rocks and let this nation heal from your divisiveness and intolerance, or join us in making a better future for ALL.

And finally, finally – we now have a President we can be proud of not only at home but across the globe.

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