Seeing Red

Posted Mon, 10/27/08

Why is it that most of the Southern States favor John McCain in the latest Pollster poll? Of course the answer is obvious, but I still find it hard to believe that some people living in the South have not educated themselves out of a place of ignorance nor have they accepted that racism is an ugly, deep-seated mental defect that is hatefully passed down through generations of families.

Note on the map pictured below: Red represents McCain (pink leaning McCain), blue represents Obama (light blue leaning Obama), and yellow represents a toss-up (re: battleground states). Even with all the red, Obama still leads with 306 projected electoral votes (270 are needed to win the presidency). Of course the final count will not be known until election day.

Pollster Poll as of 10/27/08. Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

The red on the US presidential electoral map stands out like a sore thumb in the south. The Civil War ended some one hundred and forty-three years ago, for God's sake. They need to get over it already, and act in a manner that validates their self-proclamations of Christianity.

That said, I don't think one and all in the south votes on the basis of race. People should vote for the best candidate, whether they are white, black, red, brown, purple or green. Every individual has to arrive at their own conclusion without undue propaganda sometimes fostered by the candidates themselves.

However, if the specific polls are correct (and I often doubt their veracity), then the red in the south is a shameful cast on the progression of our nation as a whole.

We should be uniting in this time of many troubles, not dividing.

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