Family of Five

Posted Sat, 10/07/06

I'd forgotten how regal cats can be. They are also independent, sometimes disdainful, always watchful, and forever persnickety. The last time I had cats was about six years ago. It's only in the last week that I've been reminded how interesting and singular felines are.

Needless to say, my intro is leading into the news that we decided to keep the kitty I found on Sunday, 10/01/06. No one has responded to the post I made on the "Lost and Found" board at SpokAnimal, and I just didn't have the heart to drop the kitten off at the pound. Besides, in one short week the cat has grown on me. She has grabbed my heart and Wilbert's as well.

I started out by calling her Kipper-Yipper, but this has since changed to Kiki Alexandra. The name, pronounced "kee-kee" was the one I also gave my imaginary friend when I was a child. I already have a slew of nicknames for her, as I do with the dogs: Keeker, Keekster, and Keekaroni, so far.

I think the turning point came when Kiki, in a pique of rage because I put her in the computer room one evening, started nipping gently at my knuckles, her blue eyes crossed with anger. That she is now comfortable enough to show her annoyance with me is a sign of progress. I like spunk and diverse character traits, and Kiki fits the bill.

Kiki watching CSI (10/02/06). Click on picture to see larger size in a new window.

Kiki also likes CSI (see photo above; click on image to see larger size in a new window). Every weeknight I watch and/or listen to reruns of the show on Spike TV as I work on my computer. From day one, Kiki has sat in Wilbert's office chair with a pillow and stared at the television screen, seven o'clock sharp.

Wilbert bought her a package of "bizzy" balls (small plastic lattice balls that contain little bells inside), which she bats around and chases. She gets plenty of kitten chow, but also loves chopped-up chicken Vienna sausage.

Foofer and Rainee are still somewhat suspicious of Kiki, but this gets better every day. Last night I was able to keep Kiki in my bed until about four a.m., when I awoke to Foofer and Rainee barking at her as she tried to get off the bed. I scooped her up quickly, afraid of her small size and the intensity of the canine stares. Hopefully the day will come when I can trust them in the same room alone with her.

I don't let her run around while they are in the house, but rather keep her in the computer room with her litter box, fresh water, kitten chow and a soft pillow atop Wilbert's large office chair.

We are now a happy family of five.

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