Divine Webs

Posted Sun, 10/05/08

I spent much of yesterday polishing my web design site, giving it a fresh name and finding a new web home for the pages. Since I keep getting more work in that direction, I thought it was about time I gave the site its own address with more information about the services offered.

Webs Divine

This meant going through all of the articles and other web sites I maintain, replacing the "designed by" graphic with new images and changing all of the links to the new site. That may sound simple, but there were literally hundreds of pages involved. After updating all of them, I then had to upload the pages to reflect the changes online. I think it was around one o'clock this morning when I finally finished.

Today? I think I'll take Rainee for another ride in the rain and then do some writing. We are again blessed with cloudy skies and drizzle, and I couldn't be happier.

Tags: Web Design/Computer Misc