Saturday Spin

Posted Sun, 10/05/08

We had rain and dark skies all day yesterday and into the night, which put me into seventh heaven. I was able to take Rainee for a long ride without having to worry about the car being too hot, and she was overjoyed by the road trip. She was so excited she practically dragged me out of the house after I attached her leash.

It was my intention to make her happy. I took the long route around the neighborhood, driving her to a nearby convenience store that has a drive-up window with a cashier only too happy to hand out dog biscuits.

Rainee in the front seat. Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

The "long way" home was along a canyon road with large trees and their changing leaves, braces of cool, fresh air and an intent Rainee trying to see every sight in front of her. I call it "Rainee's Route" because we take the road no matter that it's out of the way and well beyond the shortcut to our front door.

Canyon Road route. Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

It was much more fun watching Rainee's obvious pleasure than it was getting away from the house and my work at the computer. No matter how many times we go out, Rainee sits like a little Princess in the passenger seat. If there is another human adult coming along, they typically sit in the back while Rainee holds court in front. She rarely averts her eyes from the road, intent on seeing one and all or looking for other dogs so she can give over a few well-aimed "boofs." I've lost count of the times I see other drivers on the road staring and smiling at Rainee while she remains royally unaware of their presence.

By the way, Rainee understands the word "ride" so I have to use "going for a spin" as a substitute so she doesn't have a conniption fit before we even get out the front door.

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