Feline Rebound?

Posted Sun, 05/31/09

A few weeks after I lost Foofer in December 2007, Rainee and Kiki came to blows and were hard put to get along thereafter. I mentioned a few of their tussles in the following blog entries:

Oddly enough, the girls co-existed peacefully while Kiki was in heat. But once she was back in her so-called right mind, the hissing, clawing and hysterics would begin anew. I had to keep the two separated at all times, only letting Kiki out of my room for a few hours each night while Rainee stayed behind the closed doors of another.

My beloved Foofer would have never tolerated such behavior. I think he was the calming source between Rainee and Kiki, or rather the dominant figure that brooked no nonsense. One glare from him would have definitely put a stop to Kiki's feline foolishness.

One might assume Kiki would realize being "cordoned off" on a daily basis was the very result of her psychotic antics. It only took a year-and-a-half, but I think the day has finally arrived (knock on wood).

About two weeks ago Kiki went out of heat. A few days later she acted as if she were going into heat again, so I let her loose. However, the loving behavior associated with the heat wasn't consistent. One minute she was rolling around on her back with that particular glazed look in her eyes, and the next she was racing around the halls and up and down the stairs like normal.

I decided to take a chance and let her remain free in the house. She's not in heat, but so far her conduct has been nearly impeccable. She has odd moments here and there where she stares at Rainee intently, but then she goes about her business. Maybe she finally equated bad behavior with being confined. Whatever the case, I'm simply counting my blessings – as is Rainee.

A few days from now I might be saying I spoke too soon, but for now I'm enjoying the peace and semi-tranquility.

My darling Foofer would be proud.

>POSTSCRIPT Wed, 3 June 2009: The fur finally hit the fan. Rainee and Kiki got into a tussle this morning - out of the blue, no provocation - and I was stuck in the middle. I have a bloody scratch across my knee. After Kiki dashed under the bed she reached out her paw in full swipe and nailed me on the top of my foot, hissing all the while. I knew it was too good to last. :(

>POSTSCRIPT Sun, 7 June 2009: Kiki is loose again, we'll see how it goes...

>POSTSCRIPT Mon, 8 June 2009: Kiki is still on the loose without incident. Rainee slept with me last night, but around five o'clock this morning Kiki strolled in and started clawing the back of my office chair. I yelled at her, so she raced off down the hall making her freaky "chirping" sounds. She is truly psychotic, but as long as the fur doesn't fly between her and Rainee, I don't mind.


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