Free Feline

Posted Tue, 02/26/08

Is anyone out there interested?


Kiki in silhouette reminds me of the demonic creatures lurking about in the 1984 movie "Gremlins." Don't you agree?Female Siamese-mix cat named Kiki Alexandra, almost two years old; small in stature, blue eyes, white/gray fur, with a gray-and-white striped tail. Litter box-trained; needs to be spayed. She is high-spirited, energetic, spiteful, psychotic, demonic, and playful. Did I mention she is free to a good home?

Call 000-0000 for an appointment to meet Kiki - if you dare.

Kiki has been on another bizarre tear all day, and poor Rainee has received the brunt end of the barmy attacks. This afternoon Rainee came to me with part of Kiki's nail still hooked into her nose, and she was bleeding. Often throughout the day Kiki has also growled, hissed and swiped at me for no reason other than she seemed to fancy the erratic behavior at the time.

Rainee is walking around in constant fear, looking over her shoulder and hesitating in doorways, and made apprehensive by the slightest sound. I'm just about fed up with Kiki's antics, ready to toss her into her carrier for the night. I'm not sure what set off this latest round of assaults, but if anyone is going to go out the door head first it will be Kiki and certainly not my sweet little Rainee.


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