Fine-Tuning Twain

Posted Wed, 12/28/11

I've spent the last few days going over the final draft of The Twain Shall Meet, which is scheduled for release next month. A couple of typos found their way to the surface, naturally. Even with double perusals by myself and my editor, little bits here and there still manage to appear.

Perhaps the simplest example was a paragraph starting with:

His grew serious.

Which, of course, should be:

He grew serious.

We both missed the typo during the first editing round, and it was only by lucky chance that it was caught at all. However, total overall fixes in the book were fairly minimal, thankfully. I'm just glad there was nothing that needed to be re-written. I can live with irritating little typos, which are easily corrected.

The final tally for The Twain Shall Meet includes 234 pages and 131,628 words.

The Twain Shall Meet is Book #3 in the Collective Obsessions Saga, written by yours truly as Deidre Dalton.

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