Best Pickers

Posted Thu, 11/24/11

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the top ten best guitarists in history include:

  1. Jimi Hendrix

  2. Eric Clapton

  3. Jimmy Page

  4. Keith Richards

  5. Jeff Beck

  6. B.B. King

  7. Chuck Berry

  8. Eddie Van Halen

  9. Duane Allman

  10. Pete Townshend

I might disagree with the order in which they appear, but the content of the list is spot-on. Being a fan of Jimmy Page since my high school days, I think he should be on top, of course. Number three isn't bad, though, and one can hardly argue with the natural talents of Eric Clapton.

Aside from his musical gifts, the physical likeness of Jimmy Page was the template for one of my fictional characters ("Scott Page") in the Collective Obsessions Saga.

He will make his public debut in The Twain Shall Meet, due for release by Club Lighthouse Publishing early next year.

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