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Posted Mon, 11/17/07

One of the best parts about writing fiction is the ability to bend reality out of shape, to distort real people and real places into something the writer daydreams about or is inspired to imagine. For instance, creating fictional locales in and around real towns and areas of the country or the world, and making a character's life as near-perfect or imperfect as the storyline dictates.

I get inspired by the strangest things. A bit on the news might lead me to an idea, or a flash of someone's face or the sound of a voice will give me inspiration to create a new character. Visual inspiration and guidance is a very strong element in my own writing, as I can look at an object – or person – and imagine just about any scenario, seemingly possible or impossible.

Then again, fiction sometimes follows the trail of reality in an uncomfortable vein. Whether anyone else but the author realizes it is another matter, yet the two often go hand-in-hand.

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