Word of Warning

Posted Thu, 11/02/06

The other day I received the following e-mail with the subject heading "I want to be your literary agent":

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I saw your listing on Writers Net. I'm interested in the possibility of becoming your literary agent. Please email me at literarysage@yahoo.com and let me know what book-length projects you currently have in progress. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Michele Glance Rooney, Literary Agent

I've never been the trusting sort. I always assume deception before truth. This is perhaps one of my biggest faults, but it has saved me more times than I can count.

I did an Internet check on "Michele Glance Rooney" and found the following at Writer's Beware:

The list contained twenty agents of questionable ethics and legitimacy, including "Michele Glance Rooney" who was also noted as "Michele Rooney Literary Agency (also d/b/a Creative Literary Agency, Simply Nonfiction, and Michele Glance Rooney Literary Agency)."

My response to Rooney's e-mail? None at all.

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