Mid-Week Mishmash

Posted Wed, 10/19/11

Interesting news gleaned from various Shelf Awareness pro editions this week:

Totally unrelated, City Realty highlights upcoming NYC Halloween events in their October19th newsletter:

  • Blackout Haunted House: Cited as the "extreme theater event of the year."

  • Hotel 666 (Trapped in Purgatory): Once you check in, you might not be checking out...

  • Nightmare Haunted House: "Fairy Tales" is the 2011 theme in one of New York's most popular haunted houses.

  • Steampunk Haunted House: Fright park offering a visually stunning and lushly designed journey into the darker and more terrifying aspects of Lewis Carroll's classic stories.

Why do I keep track of east coast real estate and events, you might ask? It's odd, but I've spent most of my life on the western side of the United States and have always felt out of place. Despite the many years of living in states like Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Washington, I think I've just been biding my time. I never felt "at home" in any of the above-mentioned places, and in fact heartily disliked a few of them.

Have you ever arrived somewhere and experienced the overwhelming sensation that it's where you belong, the place you've been searching for all your life? I have yet to feel that, despite all the cities I've lived in over a period of fifty years. Therefore, my eyes have remained on the eastern horizon for a very long time. I realize the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, but I'm willing to give it a whirl.

Wherever I happen to land one of these days, my one condition is that it doesn't have a God-awful desert or ugly sagebrush in sight.

That's not so much to ask, is it?

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