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Posted Wed, 10/12/11

Amazon has developed several publishing imprints, each of which focus on different genres of books:

Publishing imprints are defined as "the trade name under which a work is published" or "different printing runs of a book," according to Wikipedia. In the instance of Amazon, they are releasing various genre books under different trade names.

In related news, today's issue of Shelf Awareness Pro contains a report about the Frankfurt Book Fair. Some attendees included representatives from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Faber & Faber. Attention was paid to comments made by various book fair-goers:

The digital shift is happening faster than predicted. Digital represents 20% of U.S. publishers' sales in dollars, and Amazon is now selling more Kindle books than print books in both the U.S. and U.K. The transition is happening quickly and accelerating. - David Naggar, VP Global Kindle Content Acquisition.

Nook owners consume three times the content than before, usually a combination of digital and print. If they were buying print, they still buy print books and use the Nook to enhance their library. We've learned that the print book isn't dead. - Jim Hilt, VP Barnes & Noble E-Books.

There has been a 300% growth in sales of English-language e-books to non English-speaking countries in the past year. Digital self-publishing represents 7% of sales in North America and goes as high as 14% in Africa. The most popular self-pubbed categories are romance, erotica, thrillers, science fiction, mystery, horror and fantasy. The few nonfiction titles that sell well are in health, yoga and diet. - Michael Tamblyn, VP Content, Sales & Merchandising for Kobo.

Because of e-books, the 85-year-old publishing house (Faber & Faber) sold books in 20 countries where it had never sold a single book in the past this year. - Stephen Page, publisher and CEO of Faber & Faber.

It's fascinating to see the digital explosion in publishing unfold. I wonder where we'll be this time next year?

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