Quick Format Fix

Posted Thu, 08/05/10

I had a formatting issue with a large document this morning (The Twilight, part seven of Collective Obsessions). Instead of going line by line to indent every paragraph on all 132 pages, I copied and pasted the text as "unformatted" into a blank Microsoft Word document. In order to indent every paragraph at once, one has to do the following:

  • Select all paragraphs.

  • Click the Home tab.

  • Select the right-side arrow under Paragraph options.

  • Select Indents and Spacing tab.

  • Under Indention, use the drop-down menu under "Special" and select "First Line."

This will indent the first line of all selected paragraphs with the standard 0.5" measurement.

The method applies when using Microsoft Word 2007. It saved me a great deal of time.

*Reference: Formatting Documents in Word 2007 by Steve Johnson.

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