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Posted Sun, 06/27/10

Most of my word count this week involved editing for The Keeper's Journal, part five of Collective Obsessions. To coin a phrase from a former publisher and dear friend, the manuscript is more like a "battleship" than a rough draft.

Current word count (editing):

  • 06/27/10: 4,634

  • 06/26/10: 23,509

  • 06/25/10: 19,366

  • 06/24/10: 19,593

  • 06/23/10: 13,988

  • 06/22/10: 3,266

  • 06/21/10: 9,485

I wrote the bulk of the text for The Keeper's Journal from 1999-2000. I've worked on this particular portion of the story many times over the years, but this go-around is much different. The pace is excruciatingly slow because there is something to fix, add or slash on every page, almost every paragraph. Some of the characters have changed or have been done away with altogether, so large bits of dialogue are no longer necessary or need to be altered. The bright point is that I'm making good progress every day, and I have yet to become discouraged.

Some of the "small" details include the retelling of history through an old journal, for which I used accurate days of the week found in the year 1880.

After I had my fill yesterday, I relaxed by reading (Legacy by Susan Kay), playing several rounds of Cooking Dash, and watching a marathon of Billy the Exterminator.

And another week lies ahead...

*POSTSCRIPT 2012: Click here to view Word Counts (archived and current).

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