Posted Tue, 06/21/11

I received a sneak-peek of the Quixotic Crossings book cover a few days ago. I'm very happy with the artwork, but can't share it just yet.

Quixotic Crossings should be released any day now. I have to admit the delay has been frustrating, but fully understandable. Making a long story short, the head of my publishing company took over all eight titles in the Collective Obsessions Saga last year, rather than farm them out to an in-house editor. I love working with her, so there's been no problem to that end. However, she has a lot of other authors to work with as well as taking care of her responsibilities as head of the company. It's a brutal schedule - one that I admire but don't envy - thus the inevitable delays.

About a month ago, she finally relented and brought in one of her editors to help out. Last week she shared an e-mail from the editor with me:

Just wanted to tell you, I'm now on page 104 of 130 of "Quixotic Crossings." I should finish in a couple of days. Sorry this is taking so long - but if I read too much at once, I'm reading for fun and not proofing. Even so, I haven't found a lot of problems. She certainly keeps one's attention.....

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Quixotic Crossings is released by the end of the month...yes, any day now.

On top of which, we've been preparing the third Food Fare cookbook for release. It should come out the same time as Quixotic Crossings, so I've been kept busy designing a micro-site for all three cookbooks. It will go live once the new collection (titled "Ambrosia") is released.

I'm also trying to squeeze in fresh writing time. Considering my schedule lately, it's been difficult. However, I'm not one to give up the ghost - so to speak.

Glinhaven, here I come...

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