Book Quizzes

Posted Sun, 06/12/11

I've created two book quizzes at Good Reads:

The quizzes are all in good fun...

On an entirely unrelated note, a few days ago I began reading New York by Edward Rutherfurd. I just love his writing style. He takes his stories through several generations, which is the sort of stuff I enjoy. New York starts during the 1600's and ends on 9/11, focusing on two particular families - one Dutch, the other English - and the various events in their lives.

Other books I've read by Rutherfurd include The Princes of Ireland and Rebels of Ireland, which led me to be confidant in buying New York sight unseen. I haven't been disappointed, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of his works.

Next up is London, which chronicles families from Roman to present time in - where else? - London.

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