Monday Mish Mash

Posted Mon, 05/30/11

I frequently exchange cutesy e-mails with my editor, our mutual interest focused on animals and the like.

She recently sent me a link to the following UK telly advertisement on You Tube:

Cravendale Milk: Cats with Thumbs

Cravendale Milk: Cats with Thumbs

It's too funny, and simply adorable.

Despite the long weekend, I haven't been able to settle down and write like I wanted to. Instead, time was spent putting finishing touches on the second cookbook for Food Fare. This included text formatting for various e-readers, and image editing. I'm not sure of an exact release date for the book, but hopefully it will come around sometime next month.

Tonight I'm shutting off telephones, computers and televisions in order to get down to business with Glinhaven. I love writing longhand when the mood strikes. It's a relaxing way to get the creative juices flowing. More often than not, I get my best ideas when scribbling by hand.

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