Relative Hermitism

Posted Sun, 05/29/16

I have a feeling I'm going to be just as reclusive in my new place as I was in my parents' house. Aside from self-isolation being a natural inclination of mine, writing also tends to lend itself to seclusion for the most part. If I didn't have to take Rainee outside to use the loo or to get my mail, I'd rarely leave the flat.

Irish Eyes: Relative Hermitism (05/29/16)Grocery shopping becomes necessary every so often, although over the past year I've been ordering cases of canned dog and cat food via Amazon whereupon it is delivered to my front door. I order books, music CDs and movie DVDs the same way. However, since I love fresh vegetables, I have to break down and go to the market once in awhile.

I'm just a misanthrope at heart, and I highly doubt it will change any time soon.

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