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Posted Wed, 05/20/09

One aspect of writing I enjoy the most is the ability to retreat into another world at whim. Some might call it borderline schizophrenia, but I find the disappearance into fiction a lovely place to be, especially when the arena is of my own making.

For a time, daily annoyances and other problems can be forgotten as one travels the comforting path of their own mind and imagination. Perhaps the most satisfying of all is to see the path and imagination take shape into a tangible story. I never get tired of the process.

However, enjoying the process does not include losing my sense of reality. Fortunately for me I've always been able to compartmentalize different areas of my life, which is something not everyone understands. If I'm writing I can put myself completely there, but if I know something else is on the agenda I can just as easily leave the writing and tend to other business without distraction.

While I'm not much of a "people" person, I can successfully interact in polite society when I have to. Though in truth I have little patience with inane conversation and mind games, I can play along for a short time when necessary.

But I'd much rather be writing....

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