Working Indications

Posted Mon, 05/15/06

This is an indication of a good day and/or night of writing for me:

  • Coffee in the mug goes cold as I work;

  • Cigarettes burn in my crystal ashtray un-smoked (a good thing);

  • When nature calls, I wait until the last possible minute before I hop to the loo with my legs crossed;

  • Dishes in the sink go unwashed and beds remain unmade;

  • Ringing telephones go unanswered;

  • Knocks on the front door are ignored despite the cacophony of two dogs barking frantically;

  • Only dogs standing in the doorway whining and barking break me from my reverie at dinnertime;

  • Wilbert's conversations are one-sided and his questions go unanswered, or are met with an utterance of "Eh?"

Yet these are blissful days of progress, where I feel I have accomplished something worthwhile. Wilbert is used to me by now, as are the dogs, so I've decided if it works don't fix it.

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